Trademarks identify the source of goods and services, and distinguish them from those manufactured, sold or offered by others.  Trademarks represent quality assurance and the goodwill of a business. As such, trademarks: indicate the source of the goods and services; distinguish your company’s product from a competitor’s product; assist consumers […]

As the owner or manager of a newly minted business, you are likely inclined to engage independent contractors to design your web site, create your marketing materials and perhaps even provide services to your clients. Engaging an independent contractor is often more attractive than hiring an employee as a way […]

Knowing the type of data that you collect, where it is being held, with whom it is being shared, and how it is being transferred is a central component of most data privacy and data security programs. The process of answering these questions is often referred to as a “data […]

Among the first and most valuable assets owned by a start-up is its brand name.  Your brand name is your reputation.  It identifies your products to consumers and differentiates you from others in the marketplace. Trademarks are the legal instruments that protect your brand.  They are also assets that can […]

Creative and thoughtful branding is key to many businesses.  Trademarks allow you to distinguish your product and service from those of competitors. They symbolize your reputation and distinguish your business. If you have a brand name associated with your business, then you should consider protecting it via trademark registrations.  Trademark […]