In the final post in our three-part series, we’re examining the specifics involved in extending an employment offer.  Whether it’s your first time or your twenty-first time, making a job offer is exciting−you’ve finally found your ideal candidate and are looking forward to a bright future together! The start of […]

This three-part series highlights the steps startups should take before hiring their first employee.  In this Part Two, we’re diving into the drafting of job descriptions and their use in determining whether a position should be classified as exempt or non-exempt under federal and local wage and hour laws. A […]

So you’ve decided to take your company to the next level by expanding your staff.  Great!  But being an “Employer” under the law is more than just a title, so before you extend your first offer, make sure your startup is set up for success.  Part One of this three […]

As the owner or manager of a newly minted business, you are likely inclined to engage independent contractors to design your web site, create your marketing materials and perhaps even provide services to your clients. Engaging an independent contractor is often more attractive than hiring an employee as a way […]

History is all too often repeated when start-up founders fail to plan for when (not if) they don’t see eye-to-eye.  Relationship breakdowns and messy founder departures are common root causes of start-up failures.  Common sense steps taken in advance can help start-ups navigate through the inevitable times of strife. Distinguish […]