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  • Make sure you get what you pay for with Independent Contractors: Pitfalls of a “Work Made for Hire” Agreement

    As the owner or manager of a newly minted business, you are likely inclined to engage independent contractors to design your web site, create your marketing materials and perhaps even provide services to your clients. Engaging an independent contractor is often more attractive than hiring an employee as a way […]

  • 8 recommended items for website Privacy Policies

    Websites and internet-based startups are booming. Many startups thrive by collecting data about their online users’ age, gender and geography and interpreting that data to predict consumer preferences and demand. In addition, many third party marketing services pay a premium for useful consumer data. Startups often find that data is […]

  • Securing Ownership in IP from the Onset

    Start-up companies should ensure that they exclusively own intellectual property (“IP”) they purchase or develop. While a company generally owns IP that an employee develops, IP that an independent contractor creates (such as a website developer, a freelance photographer or graphic artist, or a friend trying to help) may be […]

  • A Software Source Code Escrow May Help You Protect Your Company

    The software industry is a boom-or-bust competitive arena marked by disruptive innovation, alliances of convenience, frequent redefinition of product categories and unexpected platform shifts, all leading to vendor failures, strategic acquisitions, niche consolidation and, ultimately, orphan products. When a vendor is no longer able or willing to support its product […]