About Bryan Cave

Bryan Cave LLP is a leading business and litigation firm with global reach, a strong reputation and a long history of success. We do interesting and challenging work for a diverse client base, including businesses, financial institutions and not-for-profit organizations, government entities and individual clients.  With more than 1,100 attorneys and over 30 offices worldwide, we pride ourselves on proactive, solution-oriented work in every major area of interest to clients.

Our Core Values

At Bryan Cave, we take our role as an advocate for, and a trusted advisor to, our clients very seriously – whether we are working on a $100 million problem or a pro bono matter. At the heart of everything we do is a set of core values that define who we are and who we want to be:

  • We are One Firm
  • We have a passionate, long term commitment to our clients
  • We treat our colleagues as we do our best clients
  • We demand and offer professional excellence
  • We promote and embrace diversity
  • We make a difference in our communities and society

Serving Clients

At Bryan Cave, we truly have a shared practice and not just a shared name. That means lawyers from different offices often collaborate as a routine part of every day. We have worked hard to eliminate fiscal and geographic boundaries between our offices; central to that viewpoint is the fact that we practice in Client Service Groups which are either specific to an area of law or directed toward industry groups. Group members may come from various disciplines and offices around the globe. Client Service Groups facilitate crosspractice and inter-office collaboration.

It is significant that our offices are not profit centers. Each client is considered a client of the whole firm – with access to the resources that will best serve their needs. We act as one firm because it serves our clients best. We serve clients around the world, and they deserve and expect guidance from professionals with a vision, footprint and perspective as broad and global as their own.

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