ST. LOUIS, MO – September 21, 2015 – Veran Medical Technologies Inc., a privately-held medical device company and leader in image-guided endobronchial and percutaneous technology for diagnosis of lung cancer and therapy delivery, has completed a $30.6 million financing, led by Versant Ventures and River Cities Capital Funds. The financing […]

Many startups get independent and experienced advice from an advisory board.  Board advisors are typically experienced hands who can help the board of directors fulfill its duties without getting bogged down by the details of company oversight.  Retaining board advisors is a great idea for many companies, but before establishing […]

On October 22, 2015, Twitter, Inc., and its CEO, Jack Dorsey, entered into a Contribution Agreement pursuant to which Dorsey contributed to Twitter for no consideration 6,814,085 shares of Twitter’s common stock contingent upon Twitter’s shareholders approving an equity incentive plan that allows for a number of shares equal to […]

Creative and thoughtful branding is key to many businesses.  Trademarks allow you to distinguish your product and service from those of competitors. They symbolize your reputation and distinguish your business. If you have a brand name associated with your business, then you should consider protecting it via trademark registrations.  Trademark […]

As a strong trading partner to the US, the UK offers a perfect platform for US Start-Ups to make their first move into overseas markets.  Whilst the UK generally takes a light-touch approach to overseas traders and recognises the benefits of increased competition, it is important for any US entity […]

Why Not Delaware? Delaware is often regarded as the preferred state of formation for entities, but the advantages that Delaware provides may not be of value to your start-up.  Here are 5 reasons why Delaware may not be the ideal state of formation for your entity, at least initially: Subject […]

One of the first questions you will need to answer when deciding to start a company is where you want to form your start-up entity.  You are not required to form the entity in the state that you reside.  You may have noticed that many public and private companies are […]

Websites and internet-based startups are booming. Many startups thrive by collecting data about their online users’ age, gender and geography and interpreting that data to predict consumer preferences and demand. In addition, many third party marketing services pay a premium for useful consumer data. Startups often find that data is […]

Many entrepreneurs and employees may be familiar with the potential benefits of an election under section 83(b) of the Code / (an “83(b) election”) upon the receipt of “unvested” stock in the connection with the performance of services. Despite a knowledge of the basics of section 83, recipients of such […]

Selling with an Earn-out? Who is (Really) Buying? The Seventh Circuit Offers A Reminder. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit offers good reminders for structuring earn-out agreements. In Northbound Group, Inc., v. Norvax, Inc., et al., No. 14–1651 (July 28, 2015), the Seventh Circuit held that a […]