One of the first issues faced by founders of a startup business is where to incorporate or organize their new business. This decision usually boils down to choosing between Delaware and the state in which the founders will be conducting the business, (although Nevada is becoming a popular choice for […]

The software industry is a boom-or-bust competitive arena marked by disruptive innovation, alliances of convenience, frequent redefinition of product categories and unexpected platform shifts, all leading to vendor failures, strategic acquisitions, niche consolidation and, ultimately, orphan products. When a vendor is no longer able or willing to support its product […]

Running a start-up can be a daunting task. Between implementing a business plan, raising equity, running the business and keeping all stakeholders informed and on board, an entrepreneur or management team has enough to worry about. Due to these competing draws on management’s time and resources, all too often we […]

When your start-up needs capital or is looking to exit, potential investors and buyers will want to see everything and know everything about your company since inception. Their goal is to know it better than you do. So, you’ll be asked to turn over all your books and records for […]

If you are using a trademark in connection with your new business, or if you have created a design or written work related to your new business, consider registering the trademark or copyright with the U.S. government. The registration fees are relatively low and the benefits are significant. If you […]

The shoes are ubiquitous nowadays – originally only offered in a signature boat shoe style made with thin fabric, they now are made in multiple styles, fabrics and colors, and are easily identified even without the small blue rectangle on the heel. Tom’s Shoes has become a $250 million company […]

You and a few friends have decided to start a business. Each one of you plays a pivotal role in getting that idea to market. You and your now co-founders work tirelessly, and despite your lack of sleep, lost weekends and other setbacks, you can’t imagine doing anything else. The […]

You may not be able to, but there are some key factors to balance in getting as close as possible to the mythical “right amount of money”. The question at hand is of course the subject of many articles/posts and conversations that vacillate often between “only what is absolutely necessary” […]

The SEC is contemplating major changes to the definition of “accredited investor” that could have a major impact on funding sources for start-ups. What is an Accredited Investor? Regulation D provides the most commonly used exemption startups rely upon to avoid the costly federal and state registration requirements for securities […]

Bryan Cave partner Kathryn Love was featured in the latest Techli TV Domain Tech Report.  Watch her present her legal tip of the month HERE.